Six (6) Pure Bourbon Turkey Eggs for Hatching -Pre-Sale


Six (6) Pure Bourbon Turkey Eggs for Hatching -Pre-Sale. Once they leave our place it’s all in the hands of the carrier. Incubators are tricky. This listing is for Six (6) Pure Bourbon turkey egg for hatching Pre-Sale. Eggs are collected every day and sent fresh, please allow 10 days to get your order shipped out,(or Sooner) depend on hens laying. I ship Monday and Tuesday only, via USPS Priority mail, it normally takes 3-5 days for delivery. If you would prefer express service please let me know before buying to calculate your cost. (express = 2day delivery) We test eggs regularly to confirm fertility before start shipping. **But Please know before buying that shipped hatching eggs are a risk, not because they are not fertile, but because delicate membranes in the egg can be damaged during the process and reduce or destroy the eggs viability. Also they can be expressed to harsh conditions, dropped, x-rayed, extreme temperature ,anything can happen once they are dropped off at the post office, it’s totally out of my control. *NOTE: If you have a new incubator make sure its tested with regular/cheap eggs before trying to hatch your purchased ones. Incubators are tricky. WINTER HATCHING: Many incubators needs Temp adjustment for the cold days/nights, even those expensive ones shelf. they may have done good hatches in the previous year but may change overtime. So I recommend to turn on your incubator before ordering and test it with free eggs from home, 4 days will be enough to see growth inside your chicken eggs. You may be an “expert” hatching, but incubators may fail at some point, and you only know it till you test it. I want you to get the most of your purchased eggs. All eggs are packed very carefully to prevent brokerage when in transit. **NOTE: theres No return No refund for eggs. As we all know there are no guaranties with shipping eggs. Once they leave our place it’s all in the hands of the carrier. Replacements only if eggs received were broken but need to inform immediately or within 1-2 after received, Not after trying to hatch. (A picture may be required). We wish you the best!

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