NPIP/AI Neg. 12 Standard Lavender Ameraucana Hatching Eggs


NPIP/AI Neg. 12 Standard Lavender Ameraucana Hatching Eggs. We send a few extras if the ladies are willing. Each egg is individually bubble wrapped & all paperwork is included. Sorry but if your feedback is less than a 5 or you fail on immediate pymt you will be placed on our blocked bidders list ***Hatching Eggs are a risk-if you Do Not Understand that risk please Do Not bid If eggs are damaged or lost by USPS-YOU must file a claim Standard (LF) Lavender Ameraucana**** You will receive a minimum of 12 eggs from our Lavender Ameraucana pens; eggs are varying shades of blue. We send a few extras if the ladies are willing. Our Lavenders are direct from John Blehm and Paul Smith. We cannot guarantee your hatch rates, but eggs are tested for fertility every week. Eggs will be collected fresh- no older than 24hrs at time of shipping. VS 9- 3 included with shipment- if permit is required, they will ship with that number also. Please Read ALL Below Before Bidding Immediate Pymt required as Hatching Eggs are time sensitive!! -When you don’t pay you are holding up shipping for those that do!! We ship eggs Mon thru Sat 7:30AM CST Sharp PLEASE make sure your Ebay Shipping Address is correct!! More pics on our Facebook site-Edgewood Acres Poultry FREE Shipping US48 Only AK & PR please Add another $10 for Shipping Each egg is individually bubble wrapped & all paperwork is included Please leave feedback on how your eggs were received as we cannot control your hatch rate-we cannot guarantee shipped eggs-sorry All eggs are tested here for hatch-ability before they may ever be up for auction-Please do not tell us they are infertile when they are hatching at home. We have permits for All states that require them Sorry More new rules due to people ruining it for others: If you are bidding with a zero feedback score you will be added to our blocked bidders list unless you notify us first-Non Payment results in an un-paid item case against you If you cannot pay when auction closes then DO NOT bid!! If there is a type-o in your tracking# do not try to file as not received as you will be turned into PayPal & Ebay for Fraud! SMALL farm not a hatchery. We also give SQ birds to other 4-H & FFA kids who otherwise couldn’t afford them-They all thank you for your bids! ***NOT from a smoke-free home We always send extras if we have them We do NOT clean the eggs before shipping as 99/100 ppl prefer their method for cleaning before setting Thank You for your interest

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