Hatching Eggs OLIVE Mix 8+4 Marans crosses Olive / Mint / Sage / Green Rainbow


Hatching Eggs OLIVE Mix 8+4 Marans crosses Olive / Mint / Sage / Green Rainbow. My flock consists of Blue Splash and Black Copper Marans hens with a Blue Copper Marans cock covering them (these are show quality DARK layers). I have a handful of Ayam Cemani cross hens and one of these does lay a green egg so you have a chance of getting a “fibro” chick as well. By placing an order with me you are verifying that you have read the ENTIRE listing and are accepting the risks – which are many – of ordering hatching eggs and shipping them. Hatching Eggs OLIVE EGGERS 6+ Rare Breeds Personality Plus!. Shipped with UPS unless otherwise specified / requested on account as they have been consistently more reliable with shipping versus USPS which has been experiencing lots of delivery delays. My flock is certified NPIP as well as AI free and is in the State of Missouri. A VS Form 9-3 will accompany all shipments. Some states may require additional permits – too my knowledge IA, KS, SD, HI, AK, Guam do … some I have in hand… others require a request… just be aware it may delay shipping depending on what state you are in. You will ONLY receive SHADES OF (truly) GREEN eggs in this listing – some will be light green others may be darkest green – they will be F1 F2 and F3 generations and some of those will be Back Crossed (BC) to other olive eggers / dark brown Marans / Blue Easter Eggers. If you want dark brown / blue or other colored eggs – see my other listings for 12+ Rainbow and 6+ rainbow eggs. I do my best to mark eggs based on what pen they came from but I cannot guarantee any particular colors are crossed as my roosters run together in each pen I mostly have Marans roosters out of dark eggs. My flock consists of Blue Splash and Black Copper Marans hens with a Blue Copper Marans cock covering them (these are show quality DARK layers). I have a handful of Ayam Cemani cross hens and one of these does lay a green egg so you have a chance of getting a “fibro” chick as well. Predominantly I have olive egger mixed breed cockerels covering Olive egging hens as well as pure bred hens including Amerucana, silver Wyandotte, lavender Orpington, barred rock, production red, olive eggers, and leghorn, and of course, Easter Eggers – just to name a few. All these birds run together so you will truly get a rainbow of breeds and egg colors from the eggs. All eggs in your order will be beautiful shades of green from pale green to dark green some may have speckles but I am at the liberty of what the hens give me on any given day. It is also worth noting I do not breed rude and nasty roosters. All my males are friendly and sweet. Most follow is around like puppies. That is not to say that I guarantee any males resulting from your hatch will not be mean – but I do strive to only breed birds with sweet personalities. I have small children so any birds with attitudes are quickly removed from our flock. Two options for packing… Method A) I pack each egg in either small bubble wrap or shredded paper inside an egg carton that is securely tapped shut so the eggs are snug but not smashed and then wrap the carton thoroughly in large bubble wrap. That carton is then placed in a 14x10x6 box that is also lined in bubble wrap and filled with packing peanuts. Method B) I can triple wrap each egg in bubble wrap and pack in decomposable packing peanuts and again surround in ‘large’ bubble wrap inside the box. Each egg wrapped in this way will have an arrow indicating which end is “up”. I WILL NOT MARK THE BOX FRAGILE OR ‘LIVE EMBRYOS’ UNLESS YOU ASK ME TO – there is mixed feelings about how notes like that effect how the boxes are handled. I do not mark boxes unless you tell me too – its your risk. My default method of packing is method A – if you would like me to use Method B (or If you prefer eggs packaged in a different manner I do my best to accommodate requests) please indicate that at checkout in the area called “buyers notes”. SHIPPING INFORMATION – PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU ORDER ESPECIALLY IF OUTSIDE OF CONTINENTAL USA ARE YOU IN ALASKA OR HAWAII? I SHIP TO BOTH! Alaska residents must purchase NEXT DAY AIR in order for eggs to arrive in a timely manner ($65) – Hawaii can choose to send via USPS with normal regional rates but shipping time can be variable and may effect hatchability of eggs. Also – Please contact me before ordering as those states require additional permitting as well and I will need you to know that that may extend my handling time. Eggs ship through UPS as our preferred shipper but you can choose to send with which ever carrier you prefer. You will always get a tracking number attached to your order. You have made it this far in the listing so I bet you are considering ordering – YAY! It is worth mentioning a few things about shipping eggs – there is a CAVEAT – Shipping eggs is the hardest thing we do to a living embryo and as a shipper I cannot control the handling, temperature or duration of the trip once they leave my hands. Some eggs will not recover from shipping even if they arrive intact and it can and will effect the fertility rate / hatchability of the eggs. If these are not risks you are willing to accept please DO NOT ORDER. THE WEATHER is especially hard on the eggs as they can get too hot or too cold in transit. Please keep in mind the limitations of the eggs as well as their handlers when you consider buying shipped eggs. Use common sense. Fall and Spring are the best times to ship eggs in most areas. Egg production is decreasing in the fall so keep in mind the “best” colors might be harder for me to send although I do my best to ensure that a beautiful mix is included in every box. If a heat wave or freak arctic blast rolls through the country your eggs will NOT be replaced due to weather issues. the USPS (only USPS) will allow you pick up in office but you have to tell me to put your phone number on the box and authorize me to instruct them to call you. AGAIN I recommend UPS. It IS more expensive, generally a couple dollars, but it can be the difference between hatchable eggs or not. RETURNS ARE NOT ACCEPTED AND REFUNDS ARE NOT GIVEN ON PACKAGES THAT ARE NOT DELIVERED IN A TIMELY MANNER. There are no promises on transit times from any carrier. Individuals that file for a refund because the transit time was lengthy WILL BE REPORTED TO EBAY. If this could be an issue please do not order – buy your eggs locally. Consider your location. It is a risk of shipping a perishable item. A risk YOU take and assume by ordering. If the eggs are not viable (outside of 10 days the integrity of the egg declines) PLEASE CONTACT ME. I try to include extras in every box – provided there is room to add them usually no less than 2 (for a total of 8) and sometimes more if the eggs are available or if you opt to have bantam eggs sent which take up less room in the box. Orders placed after Thursday afternoon may be shipped the following Monday (to avoid eggs being left at the Post Office over the weekend – depends on the weather and other variables.) Many of the warehouses are not heated / cooled and this can effect the hatchability of the egg. PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK WHEN EGGS ARRIVE, NOT WHEN THEY HATCH. AGAIN – SHIPPING EGGS CAN BE RISKY, PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE RISK BE IT MISHANDLING / WEATHER / FREEZE / HEAT / DELAYS / HATCH FAILURES all of which affect how well the eggs hatch Due to the sensitive and fragile nature of hatching eggs (rough handling, harsh temperatures, humidity, X-ray etc.) while enroute we are not able to guarantee a hatch rate. Always allow eggs to sit for 24 hours (large end up) at room temperature. This helps to increase hatching success by letting the air cell settle into place again. During this time bring your incubator (empty) up to temp and get the humidity where you want it. Some folks prefer to incubate shipped eggs in cartons rather than manually or mechanically turning them to help with getting any aircells that may have become unattached during transit to be fixed in place… this is a preference among some people and only a suggestion. If you suspect an egg may have frozen in transit and you want to try to hatch it here is a method you can use – even cracked eggs can be attempted – let eggs slowly come up to room temperature – dry eggs thoroughly and use (melted) candle wax to seal any cracks on the dry egg by running it down the length of the crack. Place in the incubator and proceed but make sure to candle on day 10 and discard any undeveloped eggs so you don’t have an egg rotting in the incubator. You will need a powerful egg candler to candle the darkest eggs. The darkest eggs are difficult to hatch on a good day. We recommend dry incubation methods but you know your climate and equipment better than we would 😉 Please do your research on how to have the most success in your area with incubation! Please leave feedback on how eggs were packed – not necessarily the condition of the shipment. I have had eggs arrive in boxes completely SMASHED by USPS that still had eggs successfully incubate in the shipment. I will consider replacing eggs on a case by case basis. I do require pictures if you have received eggs that arrive cracked / smashed / compromised / frozen. Please take a photo of the box when it arrives even if you think it looks ok. The insurance claims require photos to get a refund. I want you to be successful but not at my expense. There are a lot of variables out of my control. If a shipment is unsuccessful I usually will volunteer to replace eggs (if they are available – sometimes to keep things timely I will ship eggs that are not as colorful as the original shipment but rest assured that the chicks that hatch from those eggs can and will lay color. None of my roosters are not rainbow layers) if the purchaser will cover the shipping. Order at your own risk. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN for unsuccessful hatches or shipments mishandled by either institution. The shippers generally will not pay out on claims regarding mishandled or smashed containers on shipped eggs so know that if you request a refund due to circumstances outside of my control like shipping delays from USPS you are basically taking that money out of my families pocket. I cannot be responsible for your eggs once they leave my possession. PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK WHEN EGGS ARRIVE AND BASED ON HOW THE ARE PACKED AND HOW QUICKLY / WELL THEY SHIPPED – NOT WHEN THEY HATCH – I CANNOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR EGGS THAT DO NOT HATCH – TOO MANY VARIABLES OUTSIDE OF MY CONTROL AGAIN – SHIPPING EGGS CAN BE RISKY, PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE RISK Follow our farm operation at @APLivestockMO on Facebook! We encourage you to share your success and baby pictures with us by messaging the page there or here on eBay so we can repost (with your permission!) Happy Hatching! Green, Olive, Sage, Mint Eggers Speckled Bloom Heavy mint chocolate chip army

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