6 + 3 SQ Fresh Serama Hatching Eggs! Cuckoo, Blue, Black,& Mottled! NPIP


6 + 3 SQ Fresh Serama Hatching Eggs! Cuckoo, Blue, Black,& Mottled! NPIP. If interested just ask! You are not receiving a product that is not already MADE! LOOK aren’t you Eggcited! Will send 3 extras if available. We (our family) have hatched and raised Seramas for over 20 years. PLEASE READ!!!!! Hens are laying well at this time!! FedEx 2Day delivery is offered at $26. It is more money but has guaranteed delivery time! Also you have to have a physical address provided FEDEX 2day does not deliver to a P.O. Box so provide that at the time of purchase! If interested just ask!! Shipments are sent in the time of your order in line and when the hens lay them!!! I can’t control mother nature!!! When my orders are at a high volume you will have to patient!!! EBAY estimates shipping times but this does not hold true because I don’t control the hens!!! You are not receiving a product that is not already MADE!!! So don’t open a claim against me!!! Please just communicate with me I will answer any type of questions!!! LOOK aren’t you Eggcited!!! I am selling/auctioning; 6+3 Eggs. Offering a wide variety of colors from all pens! Will send 3 extras if available. We (our family) have hatched and raised Seramas for over 20 years. We have won shows at the National, County, and local levels. No#1 Best Variety at 2016 Ohio Nationals in November. We best variety white cockerel 2021 Ohio National in cage. .Reserve cock (frizzled) table top Jr. Ohio National 21. Best Variety frizzled black pullet in cage Ohio National 21. Now in breeding pens. Our breeding stock comes from some of the top breeders in the United States. NPIP certified, A I Clean!!! We will email your paperwork if requested. Please leave your email. Eggs will come from frizzled and smooth pens. We specialize in blues, chocolates, blacks, Cuckoo, White and mottled. Pictures posted are of our Seramas right out of the breeding pens. Also a chance you may get a silkie serama. Good luck, thanks for purchasing bidding, and we hope your hatching experience will be as great as ours has been!!! Will only ship out Mon.-Wed. or first thing Saturday morning. Please list any special shipping instructions at the time of your purchase! Just remember Mother Nature controls this business eggs will be shipped when we have the amount we need to fill your order. Also their could be a wait time to receive them according to where you fall in line .We are now on Facebook @ Kip Wilcox. . Pictures of birds are on the Facebook page. We are not responsible for shipping abuse. We are not responsible for shipping delays or lost item! We want you to get your item! You never know what can happen. If your package is sent astray from its obvious direction, it is up to you the purchaser to file a claim on your lost package or a long delay in delivery. All information will be provided to help you with that process with the Carriers. We will discuss what we can do together to make the situation as good as we can. Also, make sure your address is correct and current. We don’t want it returned to us because of an incorrect printed eBay shipment label. It will be charged back to you for the cost of shipping. We now have other shipping options please notify us if you would like to try this option! The $$ could be higher to ship. We will pack with the upmost care, just as I would want to receive them. I use tissue paper and bubble wrap around each individual egg and then around the egg carton and packed firmly with peanuts!!! Any packing suggestions notify us in the order details. I will only change the way I package my eggs if you note it in details or messages. If not noted, it is my way that works!! Any problems with packaging or broken eggs of considerable amount contact me if its a packaging problem. I can’t guarantee shipped eggs to hatch. Can not Guarantee FERTILE!!!!! We all know hatching shipped eggs is taking a Risk!!!! I have been through this myself with eggs I have bought. After the eggs leave my hands , I can’t guarantee safe arrival, fertility, or hatchability, or the vitality, of any resulting chicks ,because of the many variable factors the eggs may encounter during shipment, transportation, altitude, environment change, off-site incubation, and rearing. I don’t guarantee the eggs will arrive undamaged or viable, as I can’t control the Carriers handling during shipping. Buyer assumes All risk in shipping!!! I CAN”T GUARANTEE YOUR ITEM TO ARRIVE AT ALL IT’S IN THE HANDS OF THE CARRIER!!! I have been incubating and I am having a 75-80% hatch rate, so my eggs are fertile with everything I have checked. Please leave feedback after you receive eggs commenting on my packaging, not after they hatch because I cant guarantee any hatch rate. REPEAT NO GUARANTEE TO HATCH!!! RISK!!! The item that your ordering is Serma Hatching Eggs that is the description and you will only receive that type of egg!!! If your choosing to leave negative or neutral feedback please contact us first, we are excellent communicators! No eggs replaced or money refunded. We accept No Returns! This is firm! Thanks and good luck!! Wilcox Family Farms

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