2″ Kaowool 12″x24″ Ceramic Fiber Blanket Insulation 8# Thermal Ceramics US 2300F


2″ Kaowool 12″x24″ Ceramic Fiber Blanket Insulation 8# Thermal Ceramics US 2300F. Kaowool is produced from exceptionally pure oxides of. Kaowool High Purity and Highest Tensile Strength. Kaowool Ceramic Fiber Insulation. Average work temp: 2300F to 2600F. Highest Tensile Strength of any Thermal Ceramics Blanket . 2″ inch thick material. Kaowool is produced from exceptionally pure oxides of Alumina and Silica using the spinning process ** Highest Tensile Strength of any Thermal Ceramics Blanket ** ** GREAT for equipment requiring high heat containment ** Kaowool High Purity and Highest Tensile Strength Morgan Thermal Ceramics Refractory Fiber Blanket Kaowool Ceramic Fiber Insulation 8 # Density – Density: 8lbs. / Cubic Foot Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF) Blanket Temperature classification: 2400°F (1315°C) Kaowool offers excellent handibility and high temperature stability which allows it to meet a wide range of hot face and back -up insulation applications in furnaces, kilns, and other equipment requiring high temperature heat containment. Characteristics are: • High Handling Strength • High Tensile Strength • Excellent Handibility • High Temperature Heat Containment APPLICATIONS: High Heat and High Tensile Strength • Furnace linings • Kiln linings • Forge linings • Farrier forge insulation • Home foundry • Heat treatment temperature control • Glass furnace crown insulation • Furnace door seals • Duct linings • Pipe insulations • Insulation for field stress relieving of welds • High temperature filter media • Nuclear insulation applications • Steam and gas turbines insulation PERFECT FOR: Home Project Use ~ Industrial Use ~ Commercial Use Building ~ Shop Projects ~ Repair Oven Construction ~ Pizza Oven ~ Barbeque Insulation Wood Fired Oven ~ Outdoor Oven ~ Outdoor Kitchen Wood Burning Stove ~ Coal burning Stove ~ Hot blast stoves Glass Kiln ~ Glass Forges ~ Technical Ceramic Kiln Clay Pottery Firing ~ Metal Prep and Hardening Heat Treat Oven ~ Color Case Hardening Kiln Blast Furnace ~ Iron and Steel Reheat Metal Mixer Furnace ~ Hot Metal Mixer Ladle Carbon Baking Pits ~ Aluminum Pot Cells ~ Petrochem Heaters Fire Brick Hearths ~ Fireplaces ~ Outdoor Fire Pit Cooking Blacksmithing ~ Metal Shaping ~ Sword Making ~ Knife Forging Be safe: Best to wear protective gloves when handling any Thermal Ceramics Refractory Fiber Blanket (RFB) or any Fiber Insulation or Refractory Wool as there are highly spun refractory fibers Kaowool High Grade #8 which is a total of 2 inches thick and 24 inches wide. You are bidding on a 1 foot section of this material. For each quantity you purchase, you will get a continuous foot. ie, if you purchase 6 qty, you will get 6 foot by 2 foot by 1 inch. We ship using Priority Mail except for orders of 1 foot as the cost of Priority Mail is higher than the cost of the product. 1 foot quantities are shipped First Class Mail which takes a few days longer. For faster service , ordering 2 feet or more will ensure much faster delivery. 2” x 12” x 24” Made in America and Sold by trusted USA Shipper Fast Same Day Service YOU pick Method of shipping at check-out *** USPS Priority Mail is FREE Free FREE *** 3200°F Melt Point Average work temp: 2300F to 2600F Withstands bursts to 3000F Buying by the linear foot Allows for an economical custom fit and application If you prefer to see our Name Brand high temp products Made by Morgan Thermal Ceramics, the Industry Leader Ceramic Fiber Blanket 2600°F High Temp Insulation 3200°F Melt Point Needled Thermal Ceramic Blanket: Made from high purity spun ceramic fiber. Characteristics and Specs: Lightweight Low Thermal Conductivity High Temp Stability Excellent Handling Strength Low Heat Storage Thermal Shock Resistance Chemical and Corrosion Resistance Excellent Fire Protection Typical Applications: – Lining, insulation and repair for furnaces, kilns, ovens, boilers – Insulation for power plant turbine thermal reactor generator and nuclear applications – Expansion joint seal and insulation – Wrapping and insulation for high temperature pipe or metal casting – Fire protective insulation and lining – Other high temperature seal gasket insulation or protection Free USA Ship to Continental USA Ground Addresses SHIPPING is same day if ordered before Noon on a Monday-Saturday business day Thank You for looking and Thank You for your business!

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