12+3 Chocolate Silver Laced Orpington Hatching Eggs Large Fowl


12+3 Chocolate Silver Laced Orpington Hatching Eggs Large Fowl. The Orpington originated from Great Britain in the late 1800’s. Orpingtons were developed by William Cook, a coachman who lived in Orpington, Kent. The feathering allows the endurance of cold temperatures better than other breeds. ALMOST 2,000 SUCCESSFUL TRANSACTIONS!!! Texas Animal Health Commission – Permit #3332 – Class A. PT Certified Clean. As a result of the Silver Laced Gene you may hatch some solid silver/white cockerels. Eggs will ship the next Monday, Tuesday or Friday after your purchase. Over the years I have observed that eggs DO travel on Saturday, Sunday and on holidays, so please don’t be concerned about weekend shipping. This is the best plan to ship you the freshest eggs possible (1-3 days old). IT IS THE BUYER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK FORECASTED TEMPERATURES IN YOUR AREA FOR THE SHIPPING TIME FRAME. Go to my store If you need a heat pack or two. 72 hour heat packs are $7.99/each. These are slightly higher than normal because they are heavy and add weight to your box. Weight equals money with USPS. I list eggs that are ready to ship. I do not hold eggs unless prior arrangements are made. DO NOT USE EBAY’S ESTIMATED DELIVERY DATE. I DO NOT ENTER THESE DATES AND THEY ARE NEVER ACCURATE. Use USPS.COM to track your package. $100 of USPS Priority insurance is included with your purchase. It is the BUYERS’ responsibility to file an insurance claim. Take pictures and show the damaged box and damaged contents to your post master immediately; failure to do so will result in a denial of the insurance claim. Claim is easily processed online at USPS.COM. I have no control of disgruntled postal employees or postal employees that just don’t care about your package. Your package will be marked ‘Fragile’ on all sides. Please do not blame me for delayed shipments. It should go without saying that I have no control of shipping delays. If you need a specific number of eggs or any combination of my other breeds, just let me know and I will set up a listing; 8 egg minimum. 15 Chocolate Silver Laced Orpington Chicken Hatching Eggs is what you are buying. You will receive 12 eggs plus 3 extra in case of breakage and/or to improve hatch rate. Eggs will weigh 1.7 ounces or more when shipped. Egg weight is extremely important if you want early maturing, large & fertile hens that lay large to extra large eggs. Ask your seller what their eggs weigh. It will take a year or more to recover from a flock of small hens. Most small hens will never lay good size eggs. I have 8 roosters and 30 hens in this pen. Mature hens will weigh 4 – 6 pounds. Roosters will weigh 7 – 8 pounds. The Orpington originated from Great Britain in the late 1800’s. Orpingtons were developed by William Cook, a coachman who lived in Orpington, Kent. The Orpington is a large fowl with soft feathering that masks the true size of the bird. The feathering allows the endurance of cold temperatures better than other breeds. The Orpington is considered an active fowl and does well free-ranged or confined. Their personality is calm and gentle. This fowl has a deep breast with a curved back, short legs with thighs covered by thick feathering. Hens do tend to go broody and are good mothers. I take the responsibility of selling you eggs VERY seriously. I will handle your eggs with utmost care starting at the nest box. I hand carry egg orders to the local shipping office on the afternoon of shipment. To have your package held for pickup, leave a message with a phone number and I will write it on the box. Your eggs will be 1 – 3 days old when shipped. My eggs are not washed. Incubating shipped eggs carries a good amount of risk. Postal workers carry the brunt of the blame for a less than successful hatch. It seem some postal workers just don’t care about respecting boxes even when marked fragile and requesting special care. I assume you have acceptable hatching skills or you would not be ordering hatching eggs. I will include some simple hatching advise that you will hopefully find useful. With shipped hatching eggs I am never disappointed with anywhere close to a 50% hatch rate. I hope you feel the same way. To check egg fertility one must crack the egg open and check for the ‘bullseye’. You can google/youtube this for a demonstration. Before I start shipping eggs each year I do a bullseye test until I have at least 90% fertility. That being said, lack of egg development does not indicate infertility. Also, some people have their own ideas about incubating, which may affect hatch rates. BECAUSE OF THESE MANY POTENTIAL PROBLEMS: I DO NOT GUARANTEE HATCH RATES FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. BY PURCHASING THESE EGGS YOU AGREE TO HOLD ME BLAMELESS FOR HATCH RATES, EVEN IF YOU DO NOT HATCH ONE EGG. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH THIS AGREEMENT PRIOR TO MAKING YOUR PURCHASE. IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO AGREE TO THESE TERMS, DO NOT BUY MY HATCHING EGGS. BUYERS COMPLAINING ABOUT HATCH RATES AFTER THE FACT WILL BE REPORTED TO EBAY FOR ABUSE AND WILL BE BLOCKED FROM MAKING FUTURE PURCHASES. I would never sell an egg that I would not incubate myself. Be trusting enough to know I WILL send you fertile eggs. This is part of my livelihood and I always ship eggs that have potential to hatch when it leaves my farm. Accept the fact that bad things can happen during shipping and incubation. This is nothing I should be blamed for and nothing that I should be forced to compensate you for. All that being said, I have literally had 1000’s of extremely satisfied and complimentary customers that purchased shipped hatching eggs from me. Over the years I have had a few disgruntled/angry at the world type people that have forced me to create the previous terms. For the ones that are understanding about shipped hatching eggs, I apologize for having to appear so extreme. I am a loving honest Christian and will always do my best to make God proud.

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