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10+ Ayam Cemani Hatching Eggs | Fast Free Shipping | TN NPIP CERTIFIED. 10+ Fresh Hatching Eggs Ayam Cemani. NPIP Certified / AI Clean. Our eggs are sent fresh. You are buying eggs, not chicks. I’m happy to help you with hatching as we have >90% hatch rate on our farm. 10+ Fresh Hatching Eggs Ayam Cemani NPIP Certified / AI Clean Our eggs are fresh and collected daily. We regularly check for fertility of our eggs. Our eggs are shipped unwashed. These chickens are kept in their own breeding pen and they are the only breed in that pen. Eggs are individually wrapped in bubble wrap, put into a carton, then packed in packing peanuts and put into a shipping box. We ship Monday – Saturday. Eggs are shipped Priority Mail and typically take 3-5 business days but can sometimes take up to 7. It really depends on USPS. Please plan your incubation accordingly. (Eggs are good to incubate up to 14 days, we do it all the time). Our eggs are sent fresh. We do not store eggs for shipping. Your eggs will be laid the same day or the day before, depending on the time you order. For instance, if you order on a Monday, your eggs will be laid on a Monday, packaged on Monday night and shipped on Tuesday morning. We hatch out all of our old eggs, meaning if we don’t get a sale on a certain day, all of those eggs are pulled for our incubation or use. They are not stored for shipment. We have 50+ of this breed and do not need to wait a few days to get a full dozen like some sellers. **If you wish for your order to be held at the post office for pick up please indicate so in the checkout instructions along with your phone number.*** If you have any questions please ask before you purchase. I’m happy to help you with hatching as we have >90% hatch rate on our farm. Disclaimer: When you purchase you agree to this: Because of the nature of shipping eggs we do not guarantee hatch rates and success. Please purchase only if you are willing to assume the risk of shipped eggs. Refunds will not be given. You are buying eggs, not chicks. Also, due to the nature of dealing with live hatching eggs and biohazard risk we do not accept returns on our hatching eggs! Please do not leave feedback based on your hatch rate, too many factors outside of our control can contribute to your hatch rate. Leave feedback based on the condition you receive your eggs in. Our packages are insured; if any damage occurs during shipping please message us pictures of the box and pictures of the damaged eggs. If this happens we will help you. USPS can take longer than anticipated. Just because the estimated time for your delivery has past, does not mean your eggs are bad. We typically allow up to 10 days from the day you order until eggs are less viable to incubate. Meaning if you’re eggs are in transit longer than 10 days, contact us and we will send you a fresh set of eggs. If eggs get delivered prior to that 10 days please do not complain. If you can’t agree to all of these terms then please do not buy from us. We are very open and transparent about all of this. If you have any questions at all please feel free to message before or after a purchase. Thank you.

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